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Über uns: tm commodities

tm commodities was founded 2016 by Maurizio Rullo in Munich. Maurizio has been collecting and recycling metals for over 15 years in Italy – before he expanded his successful business to Germany. Since then, tm commodities has been a reliable partner for the world’s largest steel and metallurgical companies.

Metal Trade from A to Z

We take care of the whole recycling chain. From scrap collection and further processing to the sale of high-quality semi-finished products. We even provide professional demolition work and dismantling of machines and industrial plants.

Our Core Business

Our focus at tm commodities is on trading scrap and metal. Whether small or large quantities: We buy and sell mixed scrap and all types of metal. For example brass, copper or steel. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services in the metal trade. Our prices are fair and oriented towards the current highest value of the international metal market.

Our Services at a Glance

  • International metal and scrap trade
  • Supplier of high-quality raw materials
  • Delivery, collection and management of container scrap and industrial waste
  • Purchase of shredded materials and mixed metals
  • Dismantling of machines and industrial plants
  • Crushing and scrapping of machines, equipment and mechanical parts
  • Purchase, processing and sale of copper and aluminum cables
  • Purchase and sale of radiators and electric motors
  • Purchase and sale of scrap, copper, brass and bronze

Our Mission

We are striving to make the purchase and sale of metals and scrap as easy as possible. That’s why we offer you uncomplicated service, short delivery times, transparent pricing – and convenient and secure purchasing and selling. Selling metal takes only 3 simple steps: you deliver the metal, we weigh it and pay you immediately. If you have large quantities to sell, we will also take care of the collection.

Our Philosophy

We do everything for our customers. Our main goal? Your satisfaction! That is why we offer you the highest quality, best prices and first-class customer service. Do you have any questions or do you need individual consulting? Our friendly and competent staff will help you out – and cater to your every need.