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Copper and Cable Waste

If you want to buy or sell copper, you are at the right place. We are an international metal trader and deal with copper in all types and forms. From copper rods and tubes to copper sheets and beryllium copper: We buy all copper parts and cable waste from you – and guarantee a quick and uncomplicated purchase of the red metal.

Your Expert for Metals

At tm commodities, we want you to be satisfied. That is why we offer you a wide range of products, high quality and the best prices. We will also be happy to advise and help you with all projects and questions concerning copper and other metals. Trust in our expertise!

Copper for Every Need

Copper Sheets & Plates
Our copper sheets and copper plates offer first-class quality and longevity. Copper sheets are produced with rollers and then used in a variety of applications. For example in craft businesses, in architecture or for facade cladding. Copper sheets and plates are corrosion resistant and can easily be cut, formed and further processed.

Copper Rods
Find copper rods in all variations and shapes: round bars, square bars, flat bars and much more. Copper rods guarantee high conductivity for heat and electricity and are therefore mainly used in electrical industry.

Copper Tubes
Our assortment also includes copper tubes: we have round tubes, rectangular tubes, square tubes and much more. Copper tubes are often used for sanitary facilities, domestic electrical installations or heating and air-conditioning technology.

Beryllium Copper
Beryllium copper is a copper alloy with particularly high conductivity and formability. It is also resistant to external influences such as corrosion, chemicals and solvents.

What You Need to Know About Copper

Copper is a sought-after material and can be used in many different ways. Especially in the construction industry and electrical engineering copper is indispensable – and the worlds most frequently used metal after aluminum and iron. The copper prices at tm commodities are based on the current daily price of the international market.

Which Factors Influence the Price of Copper?

There are many factors that determine the price of copper: Currency fluctuations, government regulations, customs duties and the pricing policy of cartels and big producers play an important role. Another problem: 50% of the worldwide copper is found in developing countries. That is why the price also reflects unstable political conditions in the producing countries. Natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods are also a factor.

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We trade the following metals

  • Schrott
  • Mischschrott
  • Altmetall
  • Scherenschrott
  • Guss
  • Träger
  • Sorte 3
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminiumschrott
  • Aluminiumkabel
  • Alukabel
  • Altblei
  • Blei
  • Auswuchtblei
  • EdelstahlV2A
  • V4A
  • Kupfer
  • Kupferschrott
  • Kupfer Millberry
  • Kupfer Schienen
  • Kupfer Draht
  • Kupfer Rohr
  • isoliertes Kuperkabel
  • isoliertes Kabel
  • Messing
  • Messing schwer
  • MS 58
  • MS 63
  • Messing Späne
  • Mischkabel
  • Kupfer Kabel
  • Altzink
  • Zink
  • Alu Profile
  • Alu Offset
  • Al-Mg-Blech
  • Alu Blech
  • Alu Geschirr
  • Aluguß
  • V2A abfälle
  • Zinn
  • Zinnschrott
  • Zinnteller
  • Zinnkrüge
  • Reinzinn
  • abisoliertes Kupferkabel
  • abisoliertes Kabel
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