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Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Iron, aluminum, copper or brass: If you want to sell and purchase commercially available metals, you are at the right place. At tm commodities you not only find ferrous and non-ferrous metals of the highest quality – you can also easily sell your material. Benefit from a wide range of products, many years of experience and first-class service.

Our Offer

Metal trading at tm commodities is divided into two areas: Trade with ferrous and trade with non-ferrous metals. What ever you may need: All our offers are fair and transparent. Would you like to sell your mixed scrap, iron or non-ferrous metals? We are oriented to the current daily prices of the international market – and guarantee the best offer. Our goal? Your satisfaction!

Our Ferrous Metals

We sell and purchase iron and ferrous metals in various forms and for every purpose. For example:

Bright Steel
Bright steel is characterized by its flat and smooth surface and impresses with its good machinability. Bright steel is produced by drawing or peeling hot-rolled or forged steel.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is a collective term for over 120 different types of steel. Stainless steel has a high temperature and corrosion resistance. But only if the steel consists of at least 12 percent chromium.

Quality Steel
Quality steel refers to steel types with certain properties in terms of purity and ductility. For example: structural steels, case-hardened steels or heat-treatable steels. A distinction is made between alloyed and unalloyed quality steels.

Our Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals can be divided into light and heavy metals, depending on their density. We buy and sell various non-ferrous metals. For example:

Titanium (light metal)
Titanium has an extremely high strength and corrosion resistance. Under high temperatures (above 400°C) the strength of titanium may decrease.

Aluminum (light metal)
The chemical element aluminum is the second most frequently used metal after steel. Aluminum provides versatility, efficiency and good support for construction materials without adding extra weight. The production of aluminum requires a great deal of effort.

Zinc (heavy metal)
Zinc is a base metal and corrosion-resistant. Zinc can easily be formed at temperatures between 100 and 200°C. It is also easy to produce, easy to recycle – and is therefore known as an environment-friendly material.

We Provide Direct Collection
Do you have a large number of metals for sale? Don’t worry: We organize the collection and collect all your metals directly from your place. Sit back and relax while we do the work!

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We trade the following metals

  • Schrott
  • Mischschrott
  • Altmetall
  • Scherenschrott
  • Guss
  • Träger
  • Sorte 3
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminiumschrott
  • Aluminiumkabel
  • Alukabel
  • Altblei
  • Blei
  • Auswuchtblei
  • EdelstahlV2A
  • V4A
  • Kupfer
  • Kupferschrott
  • Kupfer Millberry
  • Kupfer Schienen
  • Kupfer Draht
  • Kupfer Rohr
  • isoliertes Kuperkabel
  • isoliertes Kabel
  • Messing
  • Messing schwer
  • MS 58
  • MS 63
  • Messing Späne
  • Mischkabel
  • Kupfer Kabel
  • Altzink
  • Zink
  • Alu Profile
  • Alu Offset
  • Al-Mg-Blech
  • Alu Blech
  • Alu Geschirr
  • Aluguß
  • V2A abfälle
  • Zinn
  • Zinnschrott
  • Zinnteller
  • Zinnkrüge
  • Reinzinn
  • abisoliertes Kupferkabel
  • abisoliertes Kabel
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