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Mixed Scrap

Do you want to get rid of your junk? Turn mixed scrap into cash? We take over all metals and mixed scrap, offer you fast and easy selling and the best prices. So that you are satisfied!

What Is Mixed Scrap?

Mixed scrap consists of different metals and substances mixed together. It is unsorted steel scrap that you might find in old bicycles, tools or metal sheets. You can recognize mixed scrap by the fact that it is magnetic and non corrosion-resistant.

Important: Household scrap such as washing machines or tumble dryers are electronic scrap. These must be treated separately and do not belong to mixed scrap.

Why tm commodities?

Uncomplicated Selling
With us, you are guaranteed to get rid of your mixed scrap. We check the metal content, disassemble & sort the scrap and process it directly. You are planning to sell a larger quantity of mixed scrap? Let us know and we collect all scrap directly from your place. It couldn’t be easier!

Transparent Prices
We offer fair and transparent prices that you can rely on. Relax and let our experts examine your scrap. We then make you the best offer to a fair market price.

Perfect Customer Service
Our experienced and dedicated team offers you a fast and competent service. We are there for every question you might have and we help you to find solutions for every project.

What Are the Prices for Mixed Scrap?

The prices for mixed scrap are low. This is mainly due to the fact that mixed scrap has to be shredded and sorted for further processing. The mixed scrap is then used to produce clean and pure metal parts such as rods, pipes or sheets.

The most important price factor is the scrap quality. The price changes depending on the mixing ratio: the higher the metal content and the lower the degree of contamination, the higher the price for your mixed scrap. Therefore, mixed scrap must be thoroughly examined before every purchase.

What Else Is Important?

Mixed scrap should not contain any hazardous substances and a maximum of 10% of alien substances. These include pollutants, plastic, wood or glass.

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We trade the following metals

  • Schrott
  • Mischschrott
  • Altmetall
  • Scherenschrott
  • Guss
  • Träger
  • Sorte 3
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminiumschrott
  • Aluminiumkabel
  • Alukabel
  • Altblei
  • Blei
  • Auswuchtblei
  • EdelstahlV2A
  • V4A
  • Kupfer
  • Kupferschrott
  • Kupfer Millberry
  • Kupfer Schienen
  • Kupfer Draht
  • Kupfer Rohr
  • isoliertes Kuperkabel
  • isoliertes Kabel
  • Messing
  • Messing schwer
  • MS 58
  • MS 63
  • Messing Späne
  • Mischkabel
  • Kupfer Kabel
  • Altzink
  • Zink
  • Alu Profile
  • Alu Offset
  • Al-Mg-Blech
  • Alu Blech
  • Alu Geschirr
  • Aluguß
  • V2A abfälle
  • Zinn
  • Zinnschrott
  • Zinnteller
  • Zinnkrüge
  • Reinzinn
  • abisoliertes Kupferkabel
  • abisoliertes Kabel

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