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Whether you need crane rails, Vignoles rails or grooved rails: We buy, store and sell all rail profiles. As an international metal trader, we offer you the best prices and fast and uncomplicated order processing.

A Special Steel Beam

Rails carry heavy loads. Especially in curves, enormous forces are generated which are then dissipated via the underside of the rails. This is why rails have to be wear-resistant and able to withstand high loads over a long period of time. Also important: There must be no traces in the structure and surface. Rails must be ground, planed and milled – and meet many requirements.

Why tm commodities?

Large Selection of Rail Material
With us, you will find high-quality rails in numerous sizes, lengths and for every need. Either as fixed size or individual cut – for example right-angled, with an oblique cut or with bores. We cut our rails according to your wishes.

Easy Purchase of Rails
We ensure a quick and uncomplicated purchase of your rails and used materials. From railway tracks to crane rails. We also buy ferrous, non-ferrous metals and mixed scrap.

What You Need to Know About Rails

The Vignoles rail or flanged T rail is the most popular. This type of rail offers many advantages: Thanks to its wide base, the rail fits perfectly and transmits all loads efficiently to slabs, sleepers and bedding of the track. This guarantees a safe position for trains and railway vehicles.

Flanged T rails can vary depending on their length, weight and perforation of the rail. The flanged T rail was developed in 1830 by the American Robert Livingston Stevens. Later, the Englishman Charles Vignoles improved the track. This is why the Flanged T rail is also known as the Vignoles rail

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We trade the following metals

  • Schrott
  • Mischschrott
  • Altmetall
  • Scherenschrott
  • Guss
  • Träger
  • Sorte 3
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminiumschrott
  • Aluminiumkabel
  • Alukabel
  • Altblei
  • Blei
  • Auswuchtblei
  • EdelstahlV2A
  • V4A
  • Kupfer
  • Kupferschrott
  • Kupfer Millberry
  • Kupfer Schienen
  • Kupfer Draht
  • Kupfer Rohr
  • isoliertes Kuperkabel
  • isoliertes Kabel
  • Messing
  • Messing schwer
  • MS 58
  • MS 63
  • Messing Späne
  • Mischkabel
  • Kupfer Kabel
  • Altzink
  • Zink
  • Alu Profile
  • Alu Offset
  • Al-Mg-Blech
  • Alu Blech
  • Alu Geschirr
  • Aluguß
  • V2A abfälle
  • Zinn
  • Zinnschrott
  • Zinnteller
  • Zinnkrüge
  • Reinzinn
  • abisoliertes Kupferkabel
  • abisoliertes Kabel

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